10 Passionate YouTubers Who Deserve More Subscribers

10 Passionate YouTubers Who Deserve More Subscribers

With so much excitement surrounding YouTube’s popular personalities, it is easy to neglect new and emerging talent. With a wealth of highly enthusiastic content creators signed-up to YouTube, inevitably a lot of channels get lost in the crowd, in spite of producing high-quality content deserving more notice.

To help a handful of undiscovered, and in some cases, unknown, YouTube talent, here are ten YouTubers - chosen from the JacksGap community and beyond - all demonstrating clear passion, determination and desire to succeed. They also need more subscribers.

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Scarves And Gloves

Dave Erasmus


Road Warriors 360

Tay Meck

Real Emily Marj

Pascale De Bom

Fashion Beauty U

Leaves For Fins

Eilidh Loves Art