Behind The Scenes – Our Changing Climate

January 2016

Hey there,

This week we’ve been reflecting on the response to our most recent video on JacksGap. More than half a million people have watched ‘Our Changing Climate’ since we posted it on the channel. Even more important than that, the conversations and debates that have developed both in the comments and across social media have been amazing!

When we started talking about making the film with WWF we were really intimidated by the project. We were trying to work out how we could create a personal film that really did justice to the scale of the issue. It took more than 14 weeks to bring this project to life. In that time we had every up and down you could imagine. From feeling on top of the world to nearly giving up and walking away from the project!

The mile stone of half a million views seems like a good time to share some of the behind the scenes photos. Enjoy!

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If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the video!

  • Molly Lowry

    Lovely post Finn!! The pictures are stunning. It’s truly inspiring to see both of your films and pictures and everything you’re doing. You both are truly my role models. Keep it up. Can’t wait to see more cheeky blog posts and possible trips. 😉 much love, molly <3

  • Luciana Lakowsky

    Just now I got to watch the video and I think you guys have done an amazing job. Talking about subjects which are of importance to the whole world is something that needs to happen more on social media. People and mostly teenagers and young adults are so into their individual lives and problems that sometimes we forget to look at what’s really important. If the ones who have more influence were to do stuff like what you guys have done, I think we could eventually engage everyone in helping nature heal. After all, our planet doesn’t need us to continue its existence, but we humans do need it to stay as it is.

  • Joana Silva :)

    So inspired by this amazing project. All of your videos make me realise how much I want to change the world and how I can. Can’t wait for the next video! xxx

  • NickLove
  • mimi

    I love u guys so much, because in every video or things u guys say it’s inspiring! Thank u so much Finn & Jack for making me smile every day!

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