Behind The Scenes – Our Changing Climate

January 2016

Hey there,

This week we’ve been reflecting on the response to our most recent video on JacksGap. More than half a million people have watched ‘Our Changing Climate’ since we posted it on the channel. Even more important than that, the conversations and debates that have developed both in the comments and across social media have been amazing!

When we started talking about making the film with WWF we were really intimidated by the project. We were trying to work out how we could create a personal film that really did justice to the scale of the issue. It took more than 14 weeks to bring this project to life. In that time we had every up and down you could imagine. From feeling on top of the world to nearly giving up and walking away from the project!

The mile stone of half a million views seems like a good time to share some of the behind the scenes photos. Enjoy!

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If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the video!

  • Peter Coussoulis

    I’m glad that you guys are using your influence positively. We need to realize that we are living through a time of change – climate, economic markets, ethics and more. It’s a new Age of Enlightenment in certain ways.

  • Stephanie

    I just cant describe how inspiring this is. The idea is brilliant, you guys impress me more everyday. I mean, who comes up with the thought of creating a group chat for discussing this topic? And teaming up with Wwf?? It’s great. Sending all the support! :) -Tefi

  • Gwendolyne Alanis Carrillo

    I love what you’ve done lately. His documentaries, the way they let us see the world from their point of view is amazing. I admire you, bye.

  • Kaitlynlopez96

    Such a wonderful project. So proud of you all for bringing awareness to this important issue. You’re changing the world. I can’t wait to see more videos from the channel!

  • Marco

    Hey guys, this is such a great video, so inspiring! You are doing a great job, this is the YouTube content I like, quality content with a social value. Not like most part of the useless, self-centred and totally void daily vlogs of most YouTubers…
    On a separate note, I just happened to watch this video and I have a suggestion for you: Jack mentioned you’d like to travel in South America. Well, this is my challenge to you guys: why don’t you make the same journey by motorcycle that Enesto Che Guevara made in 1952 across Argentina, Chile, Peru and Venezuela, described in his book “The Motorcycle Diaries” ( and also in the movie with the same title ( Nobody could re-enact this journey better than you two guys :-) And of course riding bikes in South America would be a great occasion to talk about the great amount of social issues of that continent.
    Keep up your good work guys, you’ve travelled light-years since you first started vlogging from your room, now you have such a huge reach, especially to young people, and you can really inspire your viewers so that we can try together to make our world a better place. I much appreciate what you do, thank you guys.

  • Mimi Ho

    You two are so inspirational. So happy to see you advocate for a wonderful cause.

  • Alexia Moral

    I’m really inspired by your hard work on this project and giving a good positive impact to the viewers and done a really good effort you set a good example for our generation..

  • Elvis Cámara

    you guys are the best, this is the kind of videos/chnnels the people need to watch, im proud of you :) i cant wait for new videos.

  • Bronte

    I feel very strongly about this topic, every time I try to talk to people about this topic it feels people don’t won’t to listen and I have no idea what I can do to raise awearness for climate change. Also your videos inspire so much to keep pursuing my aspiring passion to be a photographer.

  • Georgie

    One of the best videos I have ever seen. Can’t wait for the next one… Love you guys!

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