Can You Live Without Your Phone?

Last week this video went viral. Since it went live 12 days ago it’s attracted more than 16,000,000 views. It’s the 5th video on the Youtube channel CharstarleneTV and every video is written by and stars Charlene deGuzman. Her content is awesome and this video raises a really serious question. Is our addiction to phones causing a lack of interaction with one another? One of the top comments on the video was this quote -

“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”― Albert Einstein

Let me know your thoughts below.

  • Clara Cole

    I was in a lecture the other day about the amount of time people spend looking at screens, and apparently the average person spends way more time on their phone or watching tv than actually having human interaction. Freaky stuff and kinda worrying! :/

  • Naomi

    I’ll admit it, I am just a bit addicted to my phone and internet… my school provides students with laptops and today the internet wasn’t working and it was amazing because it made me notice how much I rely on the computer and internet to do my daily life.. and i’ve used up all my data on my phone today so i had no internet, no phone. but i realised i could manage just fine. today showed me how much we rely and use technology. it is really sad that we cant have a conversation without checking our phones or something. i’m now trying to rely less upon my phone and leaving it at home when i can and using it less. :)

  • Shrishti Garg

    I didn’t have a phone at all until two weeks ago. I’m not that addicted to it, but I’ve seen my older brother and my cousins. Whenever my family is over at my cousins’ house. Whoa. It’s like a zombie apocalypse! Even at night when we turn out the lights, my brother’s phone can be seen being used from under his sheets. I hope this never happens to me.

  • Gloria Alonzo

    I do check my phone when i’m out with my family, but honestly is rare. and if i do its for like 1 minuet and then i put it away. I really dislike people who sit there with a group of people and just stare at their phones the whole time.

  • Almond

    Haha… so true… Here is a great video about our messed up society!

  • Bob

    If I want to use the phone I nip around to the post office and use the phone box – 2p for 3mins :-)

  • donut hole

    my life summed up in one video

  • Pamela Cabello Lopez

    A really interesting Slate article about this topic. The 2 first paragraphs are so so accurate that it’s scary!

    Enjoy (:

  • Adalia Durron

    I often forget mine, I get abuse from family for not answering it, or carrying it, but my argument is I lived 40 odd years on this planet without a mobile phone, I will and they will survive without me for a few hours! I feel we all rely on them way too much, and its crazy how we live through our phones!

  • Serenity G.

    I could never live without my phone or my laptop. I have had many cell phones over the years but, I love my Galaxy S3 because it does virtually everything I could want. I always know where my phone is and the clear addiction to apps like Facebook makes it even harder to put down. As long as I have an app for everything, Facebook, texting, camera and video recorder I’m happy. My phone does all of that so no, I could not live happy without it. Perhaps that seems shallow or immature to most but, I have never been one to care what people think of me.

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