'Sweetie' - A Computer Animation That's Being Used To Catch 1000's of Pedophiles

‘Sweetie’ – A Computer Animation That’s Being Used To Catch 1000′s of Pedophiles

Hours of wonder and adventure, procrastination and community, the internet is a place many of us come not only for entertainment but to escape and elude from the outside world.

Devastatingly, for thousands of young girls all over the globe, the internet poses as a totally different environment- an underground platform where they’re forced to perform sex acts in front of a webcam, distributed to forums teeming with paying pedophiles.

A Netherlands-based group campaigning against child sex exploitation, Terre Des Hommes, created a computer generated 10 year old Filipino girl and used ‘her’ to catch over 1,000 pedophile’s profiles, enabling them to inform interpol and police.

This projects alone highlights a startling reality, one of which we as a community are able to make a positive change towards, by signing this petition you put your name behind cracking down on Webcam Child Sex Tourism, in hope that one day rules and regulations stand taller than those slipping the net of prosecution.

We’ve all signed the petition at JacksGap. You can sign it by clicking the link below: