VidCon 2014

VidCon 2014

Last week we attended the annual video conference known as VidCon. Hosted in Anaheim, California by internet entrepreneurs and philanthropists John and Hank Green, VidCon is currently in its 5th year of existence and is growing rapidly. This year saw 18,000 attendees in comparison to 11,000 the previous year and 7,000 the year before that. The conference spans across three days and aims to bring together content creators, content consumers and an ever growing mix of media types who have either started a business or aspire to start one within this new online media world.


I always enjoy VidCon as it’s the one time everyone from this strange world is brought together to talk, collaborate and share ideas. The YouTube community is made up of a varied and eclectic bunch of people from all across the globe. At times it can be overwhelming to meet so many people in such a short amount of time however it puts a face to the otherwise anonymous numbers that tell us how many people have watch a video. By attending VidCon we’re able to break through the the static piece of glass mounted onto our laptops, iPads or iPhones and meet each other in person, which is pretty special.



This was our third year at VidCon and this time round we wanted to focus our efforts on both the creative aspects of the online video world as well as the growing industry that surrounds it. Whether we like it or not online video is a rapidly growing force, which bears no efforts to hide itself from the already existing multi billion dollar entertainment and media industry. The result is big media companies attempting to dip their metaphorical toes into the waters of the once untouched world of online video. Personally I think the best thing to do is accept this and attempt to steer things the way we want them – That is to increase the quality and quantity of content online without selling out or sacrificing our integrity to the big ‘bad’ influence of brands and sponsors. And this year at VidCon, it certainly felt like things were headed that way. It always excites me to see fellow creators pushing the boundaries and innovating on the platform. We left feeling excited about the future of online video and looking forward to VidCon 2015.


Thanks to Chary Cox for the photos. You can find more on her blog here - Style The Natives

Summer Playlist 2014

Summer Playlist 2014

Since the launch of Shed Sessions we now have a profile on Sound Cloud. Jack and I both use the site personally to listen to music when we travel so we thought we’d curate a playlist on JacksGap. Here’s twelve of our favourite tracks that we’re listening to this summer.

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Leave a comment below with a link to your Sound Cloud profile or music you’re listening to on their site!

Filming The First Shed Session

Filming The First Shed Session

Today we uploaded a new video on our Youtube channel.  It’s the very first episode of a completely new strand of content called Shed Sessions. This is something we’ve been working on for a while and I’m incredibly excited to be able to share it.

Music is something that I have always felt passionate about, in particular acoustic music. So it only felt natural to me to share it on our channel. This isn’t the first time we have done this. Two years ago I created a short-lived series called  Music Mondays. This predominantly featured my talented cousin Eliza singing beautifully, whilst I clumsily attempted to strum a ukulele in the corner.  Despite that, it was enjoyable to do and something that I have missed since. We also experimented with sharing music when we encouraged audience members to send in versions of the JacksGap song as created by Eliza.


So for the last couple of months I have been thinking about ways to bring music back onto the channel but this time do it properly by way of featuring professional musicians who’s work I really admire. The idea of recording an acoustic session in a shed came up one day whilst throwing around ideas for the channel and it instantly stuck. There was something really exciting about being able to share music in such a raw and intimate setting. It was important to us to record Shed Sessions in one shot, with one angle. We wanted to capture to song in it’s rawest form.





After speaking to a few friends it turned out that a neighbour and close family friend of ours owned a small plot of land on an allotment, which they were happy for us to use. So on a sunny Saturday morning we went down with a couple of friends and the very talented Shannon Saunders to record the first Shed Session. It was a really enjoyable morning and I’m really happy with the result! Its something that I’m incredibly proud of and really excited to be sharing on JacksGap.



We would be lying if we said we didn’t feel a certain amount of uncertainty in sharing this video. It is undoubtedly the furthest we’ve ever strayed from our ‘usual’ type of content. However I would want to stress that in no way will this take away from the ‘other’ type of videos we make. I would encourage you to think of this as an addition to JacksGap. I feel incredibly excited about it and I hope you can value it as much as I do.

Enjoy and please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Jack and Finn

The JacksGap Collaboration Project

The JacksGap Collaboration Project

Hey there!

For the last couple of months I’ve been toying with this concept of creating a video using footage shot entirely by you – the audience. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. The idea of creating a video that relies on audience participation from around the world really gets me excited.

I’ve played with this idea before. A year and a half ago we launched an email address where anyone could send us their version of the ‘JacksGap Song’. Each week we would search through the submissions, find our favourite and place it at the end of our new video. It was incredibly exciting to be able to see and in a sense connect with other people around the world. It was also creatively inspiring to be able to work with someone we’d never met before and create a video together.

Since then I’ve been racking my brains to come up with a video concept that involves audience participation but this time on a much larger scale. Finally, I think I’ve come up with something. It sounds relatively simple but I think once we receive a wide range of answers, the results are going to be awesome. So I have two questions. Two simple questions that I’d like to know the answer to. They are as follows:

What do you love.MOV.Still001

What do you fear.MOV.Still002

I spent a while trying to work out the easiest way to receive submissions for this and I’ve come up with a method that I think is gonna work beautifully. Skype have a feature in which you can record a video message and then directly send it to someones inbox. So simply add me on Skype on any device (with a camera) and then leave your response as a video message. My Skype name is: Jacks.Gap. You can use a mobile device however laptop/computer is preferred!

You can choose to answer one question or both of them however its important you do so separately! Eventually we want to create two videos out of this so it will be much easier to edit if the questions are answered in separate calls. The more submissions we get, the better this video will be. I think it’s important that we receive a diverse range of people answering these questions. Whoever you are, wherever you are, we encourage you to get involved! Also if you speak another language other than english feel free to answer in that. I think it could add a really cool twist. Maybe just attach some form of translation with your video – you can send files via Skype!

Remember to be creative with your answers! It’s important we get a large amount of shots which are simply a person sat in front of a camera as this will help the continuity of the video. However you could try an alternative method like writing on a piece of paper, whispering to the camera or shouting it from far away. The choice is yours.  You can even record someone else answering. Maybe a sibling, a parent or even a grandparent.  Most importantly – be honest and be yourself because that is what will have the most powerful impact.

We want to use as many clips as possible. To be useable they need to match the vision we have for the video, so below we’ve written a couple of guidelines. We’re planning on putting this video up before the end of the month so if we use your clip we’ll message you in a couple of weeks to let you know that you’ll be featured in a JacksGap video!

I’m excited to create something together!

Project Guidelines

  • To submit your response you need to add Jacks.Gap on Skype and then click the grey plus button which is next to the green call button. This will give you an option to record a video message.
  • Please record the your answers sat in-front of the computer in a well-lit room.
  • If you can’t use a computer you can record your answers on a mobile device however it must be landscape and try to keep it as steady as possible.

Remember to leave separate videos if you’re answering both questions. If you have any problems, leave a comment on this post and we’ll do our best to help.

Have fun!