Hackschooling – Let’s talk about this

Logan LaPlante is 13 and he has dropped out of school. He is a leader in a new generation that is questioning the traditional education system. With the support of his parents he decided to ‘hack’ the education system and develop his own curriculum which includes weekly work experience in an industry he is passionate about and at least one day a week is spent entirely outside.

As someone who also dropped out of education to join the ‘University of Life’ I’m intrigued by Logan’s talk. I want to know what you guys think. Is the education system outdated? Should more kids be ‘Hackschooling’?

  • Ketki

    I believe that having a degree of some sort is very important. Making videos on youtube or being a speaker is not something that will last a lifetime so it is always good to have a degree to fall back on.

    On the other hand, if you are pursuing something you are passionate about, I think a person can do it while being in school. I am not against dropping out of school though, if you are okay with it and your parents agree, its how a person wants to lead their life.

    Some people do not believe in the education system but I think it is worth going through just to have a back up.

  • Laura Bush

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  • Laura Bush

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  • Cognisant

    literacy doesn’t stifle creativity… it fosters it…

  • Cognisant

    Creativity in its purest form is chaos…

  • Cognisant

    I choose literacy…

  • Nicole

    Education is a hard topic to discuss as there are many different ways to look at it. I agree with Logan and everything he is saying as creativity is becoming engulfed in the need to know everything to get through exams so you can pass school/college/uni and even in the subjects seen as the creative have guidelines to follow like dance, art and drama they all have exams or certain topics that have to be followed.

    I don’t agree or disagree with children dropping out of school but it would be better if they spend it wisely like Logan is. Many people think that the children who drop out of school will not be educated and will not get a job and so on but Logan proves these people wrong as he is obviously educated and understands the way the world works without going to school.

    However, i do feel school is important. Not just for the education but to grow as a person as going into school you learn a lot about yourself. School can be hard and stressful but you get through it, this is building your character for later life. Thinking about it I’ve been in education for about 11 years and i am still only a teenager, i’ve been in education for well over half of my life. I always wonder if i would be different if i didn’t go to school, if i didn’t meet the people i have, If i hadn’t learnt the things that i have.

    The point about being happy is tricky because people go through school to get the knowledge to do their dream job which would cause them happiness, so education is needed. But also happiness can be found after passing exams and seeing the stress and hard work paid off. As well as extra curriculum activities that some schools provided, i learnt how to ski so that i could go on a school trip in my first year of secondary school and i am still skiing 6 years on. If i didn’t go to school would i have found this hobby??

    Education is a tricky issue!!!
    (ahaha realised this was 3 months ago, just a tad late!)
    And thanks for posting an interesting video which provokes me to think about life when i need to be revising….

  • Hannah

    This guy is amazing why can’t we have this in Britain

  • Aakdewin

    I just saw this and really like it, but i think i cant figure out. How can a 16 year old boy like me just drop out of school to do this? how can that be done in a way where I`m not living on the streets?

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