Istanbul – Behind the Scenes

June 2015

We arrived in Istanbul to shoot the last of our “24 Hours in” series with Marriott. Istanbul sits on both sides of the Bosphorus river, physically and metaphorically straddling two continents. Previously the capital of various empires, Istanbul remains a melting pot of culture and architecture. Walking through the bustling streets, we were inundated with rich sights, sounds and smells. In an attempt to capture a unique perspective of the city, we traveled with our good friend and free runner, Tim Shieff. Tim managed to perform some incredible stunts on the rooftops of the old city.

Jack and Josh were lucky enough to make a short trip to Cappadocia as well. Cappadocia is a region in central Turkey famed for its otherworldly geography formed from erosion of volcanic deposits millions of years old. Locals carved a network of homes, buildings and tunnels into this beautiful landscape.

Thousands of miles, countless hours of editing, and three cities in different corners of the globe have gone in to creating this series. Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way and joined us on this global sojourn through watching our videos.


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  • Shahargoodname

    Love your photos and behind the scenes and your youtube channel and website… AND I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPARATION!

  • cloudswill

    Please continue to do more videos of this series it’s amazing and alluring :)

  • Emily Schott

    I loved this video so much it was amazing!! will you be making any new videos soon?

  • Emily Schott

    I love this video so much!!! will you be posting any new content soon?

  • Haajar Nihal

    your work is always inspiring .after watching your videos I always end up taking pictures and videos on my phone for hours . I hope you guys make more and stay or film this way foreva.

  • Karmina Sotelo

    I cant believe how much feelings this pictures can transmit to me. Istanbul is one of those cities I’d never imagine if it wasnt for those pics so well taken. Thank you jack for being such an artist on what you do

  • Psych n Stats Tutor

    very cool, video and photography adventures

  • bianca

    Absolutely love it and so inspiring!! xx

  • Erick

    I´m from Mexico and I really love all these travels you inspired me to travel when i finally my study.

  • Fatima Bader

    Im actually going to visit Istanbul on january, I know its gonna be cold and not much to do but hey winter is fine. But this video felt like another world, im sure its beautiful there but ur editing and fotage is like crazy scary good. And you look like Bane with that helmet camera haha. Anyway, the only thing that is missing tho is the names of the places u guys visitet, or did I just miss them. please I have to plan my trip like yours!

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