Jeremy Loops – Behind the Scenes

May 2015

We came across Jeremy Loops thanks to our good friend Ben Brown. Jeremy is a multi-instrumental folk artist from South Africa whose music blurs the lines of traditional genres. As his name suggests, he incorporates the use of a loop pedal into his live performances to build a layered sound all by himself. However, Jeremy was more than game to perform an acoustic session in our shed, sans loop pedal and the massive crowds that have started to gather whenever he performs.

When Jeremy and Ben arrived at our garden shed it was a particularly wet and grey day, the epitome of a British winter. We decided that the potential thunderstorms just added ambience to the recording session.


Listening to Jeremy Loops acoustically and in concert with a loop pedal are two completely different experiences, and we recommend you do both!

Check out our Shed Session with Jeremy Loops below.

You can find Jeremy on his website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SoundClound. Check out his upcoming touring schedule here!

All photos by Josh Cowan. 

  • Connor McGill

    great video as always! behind the scenes photos are cool too, looks like you guys have a lot of fun filming these videos :)

  • William Colet

    Just awesome! I’ve watched all your videos and each one is better than the previous one. Quality is the word that defines better your job, in content, in image, in sound, in details… Thanks for giving us the opportunity to watch this. No words!
    PD: I see that you have improved to sony a7s, 😉 great sharpness!

  • dan waits

    I’m crazy about Jeremy Loops, crazy about “Sinner”, crazy about the Shed Sessions, & crazy about y’all

    So I was crazy about this vid 😉

  • Chi Huynh

    Lovely! Love Jeremy Loops. My Summer Soundtrack!

  • Matt Trimby

    Hey, I was wondering what camera and lens set up do you guys use for the BTS photos on these shed sessions? The BTS pics are always stunning!

  • Geet

    Hey Jack just wondering, what lens do you use with the Sony A7’s?

    • HJK

      Looks like a wide canon lens, maybe the Canon 16-35 f2.8 judging by the shallow DOF

  • Ruby

    These photos are awesome! what camera did you use?

  • Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    The parts where the camera “surprised” you and “surprised” Jeremy made me laugh ^_^ Always looking forward to your content! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Liam Edwards

    The content you guys make is incredible. Keep up the good work :)

  • Gwendolyne Alanis Carrillo

    Great Video!!

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