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    Jack Harries
    Jack Harries

    Not enough people are talking about mental health. This year I would love to work as a community to change that. Please feel free to use this space to talk about your experiences of mental illness, your opinions of mental health as a wider topic and importantly your thoughts on the social stigma that surrounds mental health.

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    I’ve suffered from a mental illness myself and to be completely honest, it wasn’t easy telling the people closest to me. However getting the help I needed and knowing I had friends and family who would support and stand by me.. I can’t explain how great of a feeling that was. Thanks for making this video, guys. Having watched you for a long time, including the period in which I was affected by this illness, it’s awesome to see you two talking about it. To raise money for this great cause, perhaps you could sell posters, bracelets and t-shirts again! (p.s. Looking forward to seeing you at buffer again this year, thanks for signing the poster :) )



    A video all about your happiness and being yourself! … makes you think twice about the people you surround yourself with! =)



    I like so much this topic because 3 years ago I was so depressed, I tried to kill myself and the brain is so powerful. I went to a psychologist and she helped me so much.



    I completely agree that people will judge you for saying you have a mental illness; I told my best friend about my OCD and anxiety and she completely brushed me off and told me I didn’t. I haven’t told anyone else and I really think that we as a society should become more accepting.



    Hey Jack, and everyone that read this,
    During the past few months, I’ve got so many problems with myself. I start cuting my arms, my legs, I stop eating for few days, and then start eating, and restop, and restart. 2014 was the worst year I ever had in my entire life. I’ve try to kill myself two time, but finaly, I stop evrything. I just tell myself that I don’t care. It have been hard at start but now, I really don’t care. I just live my life and do what I want and I’m happy! And you know what. It’s because of you Jack. You’ve been inspired me so much and you make me really happy! and… thank you. Thank you a lot Jack, you meen the world to me. I love you xx


    First off- thank you so much Jack for taking the time to discus something SO SO very important. I have suffered from extreme anxiety and OCD since I was about 8 years old. I am now 17. That is a long time that I have lived with my fear and worries and up until I was 12, I kept those worries to myself only. I was too scared to open-up to anyone because like you said in your video- there is a stigma about it. I also believe that all mental illnesses are misunderstood: a depressed person isn’t just sad and anti-social for no reason, people with OCD do not only wash their hands a lot and organize things, and anorexic people (thats right, people- not only girls can have anorexia) choose to starve themselves. These misconceptions have bothered me for years. Thank you for opening the discussion about these issues and maybe together we can right them.

    Concerning ideas on how to do this- I think JacksGap should do a video like the Collaboration Project: Love video.



    first off, thank you so much jack for making a video addressing this topic as it seems not enough people talk about or even know enough about this topic. personally, i deal with some forms of mental issues, but i’m not entirely sure of it. for me, i know that there is something wrong, but i cannot seem to find a way to tell anyone. i don’t know if there is some sort of disconnect between my thoughts and my actions or if its more of the social aspect, that you talked about, that keeps me from not speaking out. i don’t want who i am, or what i think i have to be something that people mistake as an attention seeking action, but i am also scared of the fact that people may find something wrong about my character just because i may have certain mental health issues. for now, however, i at least try to educate myself on these issues and try to educate others in the process. i also try and find ways to support these issues and find ways to spread awareness about mental illness. sometimes, people tell me i have no idea what i’m talking about because i am young, but i believe the best way for awareness to be spread, is to teach and learn at an early age.



    I think it should be taken as seriously as things like cancer or broken bones !



    It’s interesting that you made this video when you did. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for a few years now and I am currently editing my video about it. I want to have it be a continuous series on my channel because many people on YouTube talk about it, but they speak as though it’s something in the past. Although it is a very difficult process to film, I believe what will really help people is to not only see people who have come out the other side, but to see people who are struggling through it. I want to keep this as a continuous conversation. Thank you for making this video. (:
    -Haley Fletcher



    What I learned most from my time being depressed is that the mind really is everything, and what you think is what you become.
    Don’t be afraid for the social stigma behind mental illnesses, you don’t need anyones approvel to change your life for the better.
    Don’t give in just yet.



    I was incredibly happy to see that this was something you were talking about. I really enjoy your channel and appreciate your awareness of social issues and the way that you approach presenting them to a relatively young audience.

    My father suffers from mental illness. It is something that I found out by myself and that deeply scared me. It still does frighten me that I will be like him and struggle with being “mentally ill.” It shouldn’t be this way though. He takes medication but he never blatantly told me about his illness until I brought it up. There is shame around the idea of having something wrong with your brain, exactly as you said.

    When I get depressed or think about how likely it is that I will be mentally ill like my dad I become very stressed and concerned. I am scared that I will not be normal and that I will be judged. I am scared that I will become an exile in society. It is all because of the stigma that you mentioned. Again, it should not be this way.

    I greatly appreciate the way you are approaching this topic and that you are so open to discussing it. Keep doing what you all are doing.



    An Important Mental Health Internet Fundraiser THIS WEEK
    This Wednesday, January 28th, is #BellLetsTalk day. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a 24 hour initiative by Bell, a TV/mobile/internet service provider in Canada. Every tweet/retweet that day with the #BellLetsTalk tag raises 5 cents for mental health causes in Canada. Last year over $5 million was raised.
    I’ve seen the beauty this day can have. I myself haven’t had the courage to come clean about my bouts with anxiety to the public or my family, but some friends do know. Last year, I watched friends and people from my school come clean and help defeat the stigma around mental health through this cause. It’s really opened up the Mental Health discussion in Canada.
    Jack and Finn- your twitters reach audiences of over 2 million. If you tweeted even just once with the #BellLetsTalk tag on Wednesday, you could help change everything. Please consider tweeting that day!



    The timing of this video couldn’t have been any better, because I was literally just in tears because I felt so bad. I used to be the enthusiastic girl who was always happy, and I still try to be when I’m around people, but I just keep feeling so tired. For me, it’s my fear to fail, that started all this. Going to school is a huge challenge for me now, but it’s not like I can stay at home because I have to pass this year and get good grades.

    So thank you for the video, that made me feel less alone somehow.



    Personally its heard to admit to yourself before you can even start to admit to others the way you are feeling. Its not as simple to google submit your symptoms and get an answer. No one speaks out about feeling ill without expecting the answer of ” oh its just the cold” and some form of conversation that comes off that. Mental illness isn’t just a phase, and doesn’t always come and go. It’s not a conversation piece or the way to excuse your mistakes because “you just aren’t yourself”, its not a common cold. Mental illness is so much more and hope that this brings awareness that people won’t just jump to conclusions.

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