Tokyo – Behind the Scenes

May 2015

Hey there! Not too long ago we spent a week in Japan shooting a video called ’24 hours in Tokyo’.

The idea was to see as much of the city as possible, as well as some of the near by cities of Kyoto and Nagano. 

The concept was to produce a short fast paced video that would tell the story of a vivid, intense and surreal 24 hours in the city. In order to achieve this we would film everything we saw using a a custom built point of view rig. (Blog post about the head rig coming soon!) 

Our production schedule was intense and gruelling with most days starting at 4:00am and running late into the evening. Our days varied from mornings spent watching Japanese snow macaques in the Nagano mountains to dining with a geisha in the heart of Tokyo. 

We were lucky enough to have two wonderful fixers Hiro and Naoko without whom this project certainly wouldn’t have been possible!  

We had an unbelievable experience seeing so much of Japan in such a short time. Below our some images of our time taken by Mr Joshua Cowan. 

Keep scrolling for the video!







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TOKYO from JacksGap on Vimeo.

  • Johanna Xue

    I loved this video so much!

  • Lian Dos Santos

    Jack, can you please explain how to connect the monitor wireless. In case it´s not a monitor, i´d like to know what recorder is the one you´re using and how to connect it to a dslr wireless. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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