We Were Evergreen – Behind The Scenes

February 2015

Well here we are at the fourth Shed Session episode. It was around this time last year that Jack and I sat down to discuss the idea of a series on JacksGap that could give a platform to budding musicians. We debated it over and over. Our first concern was that it would mean bringing new faces to the channel. Shed Sessions wouldn’t be Jack’s story or a personal video like we’d created so many times before. We were worried about what the response to such a different type of content would be.

Then we heard Shannon Saunders’ music. We’d been introduced to her through a friend. She was so passionate about her music and she had such talent. How could we not film her? We invited her to come down to our garden shed on a Sunday morning. We agreed we’d just film it and see how it went. We didn’t have to upload it if it didn’t feel right. But it did feel right and today I’m really excited to introduce We Were Evergreen to our Shed Sessions series.

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We filmed this session on a ludicrously cold winter day in November. Jack was growing a ridiculous thing on his lip that he claimed was a moustache in aid of The Movemember Foundation… I thought that was a bold claim, but it’s the effort that counts. We met We Were Evergreen early in the morning and got set up. The guy behind Jack in the picture below is Scott. He’s our sound engineer. It’s his job to check the levels of the two microphones that are rigged up inside the shed. He also mixes the track after we finish filming.



The amount of people that help make each Shed Session varies on the day; however this time we were six, plus the band.



It gives us great pleasure and joy to introduce We Were Evergreen to JacksGap. After you’ve watched the video let us know what you think and feel free to suggest artists that you’d love to see featured.

  • Jasmine Stillwell

    I haven’t stop listening to this song ever since this this came out. So peaceful,

  • http://sealoffashionsofie.weebly.com/ Sofie

    Their music is amazing and these pictures are so pretty. Sofie x


  • Monica

    Shed Sessions are one of the most beautiful kinds of videos that you make! That was a beautiful one!

  • Tushar Rajpurohit

    How many cameras do you use?

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