What Happened to the JacksGap Website?

Hello there!

Last week, due to an technical issue we lost all of our data on JacksGap.com and the website went offline for a week. The accounts that were created on the community page and the messages that were posted have been erased. Any data you submitted is safe but you’ll need to re-sign up to create a new account.

We’ve worked hard to rebuild everything as fast as possible and we need everyone’s support to bring this website back to where it was. We have now put in place the right safe guards to make sure this issue doesn’t happen again. Everything else is still the same. We’ll be posting awesome daily content on the site, posting JacksGap videos and behind the scenes footage and I have a feeling the community is going to be bigger and better. We’ll be on there commenting more often and we’re going to bring in moderators to help make sure everyone can see all the messages that are being posted.

Let’s make this website better, stronger and more awesome than it was before!


Jack & Finn

  • Anastasia Smith


  • itstami

    i love the website:))!

  • Simran

    Love you guys! :) x

  • SydTarsi

    Like said below, i think you guys should make an app! have Finn design it, or i could even help with the drawing of the app logo haha:) I would most definitely buy it, as i think most of the JacksGap users would!

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